"I had the privilege of attending Dr. McBride Klein’s day-long professional development course on recognizing signs of student trauma and responding to traumatic events in our schools. Dr. McBride Klein’s presentation was engaging and meaningful as she helped our staff to recognize signs of trauma in our students’ behaviors. Our staff was able to begin the discussion on a plan of action for responding as a team to school or district-wide trauma.

Dr. McBride Klein managed to create a safe space while facilitating an open, honest, and necessary dialogue on extremely difficult issues that students and teachers face in our districts today. I believe that Dr. McBride Klein’s expertise in the areas of mental health and coping with traumatic experiences should be shared with educators all around Northwest Ohio, so that we are all equipped to respond to our students’ needs when dealing with personal trauma or possibly a school-wide traumatic event."

Erin Gillig, MA  Intervention Specialist, Tiffin City Schools


"Meagan McBride Klein is an advocate of her clients and profession. She takes on active  leadership rolls to give a voice to those who are underserved, to advance the counseling profession, and educated others. She has served in numerous rolls during her time in the profession - individual counselor, professor, director of prevention, presenter, and liaison. 

As a presenter and in education, Meagan is engaging and insightful. She is able to present new ideas on old topics. Her presentations are thought provoking and educational. 

As a colleague in the profession, she is able to provide invaluable guidance. She is committed to keeping her self well informed and engaged in research." 

Erin Jensen Skeel, LPCC-S  Clinical Supervisor


"Dr. McBride Klein is such a positive force in the community.  She’s a bridge builder and a connection maker.  Meagan is always searching for better, and has a tireless work ethic that allows her to improve the lives of her community of clients.  She is not afraid to ask tough questions that need to be asked in order for growth.  Most importantly, she creates relationships that allow for maximum growth and benefit for all parties involved."

Benjamin Gillig  Councilman at Large, City of Tiffin