Insurance & Rates

Many people find insurance to be confusing and challenging.  We understand your concerns completely because not only are there a number of insurance plans out there, but they also come with their own personalities and nuances.  For this reason, we do not accept individual insurance plans but do provide superbills to allow clients to seek reimbursement for services from their insurance providers. 

Also, we’ve included some basic information below. Please contact us any time to discuss your questions or concerns.

Out-of-Pocket / Standard Rates

Routine Psychotherapy 

Individual Adult/Child
$175 Initial appointment
$150 50-55 minute psychotherapy 

$200  Initial appointment
$175  50-55-minute psychotherapy

Consulting Services for Businesses

Initial Consult for New Counseling or Psychotherapy Clients
*please contact me to discuss rate options     

Clinical Supervision & Consulting Services for Mental Health Professionals

Clinical Supervision for Graduates and Therapists Working Towards Degree or Licensure Requirements        (beginning in January 2019)                           
$100  60-minute session

At times we are able to offer sliding fee or reduced rates to a limited number of clients.  

Please contact us to get started.