Although Dr. McBride Klein provides general therapy and counseling services to individuals, couples, adolescents and families, she is also highly passionate about the following areas:

Anxiety                                                             Depression and Mood

   Anxiety Disorders                                            Major or Situational Depression

   Life Stressors                                                   Anger Management

   Panic Attacks

   School, Work, & Home-Life Imbalance 


Relationship and Intimacy                               Tweens, Teens and Adolescents

   Dating Struggles                                              Anxiety

   Communication Challenges                            Social and Friendship Struggles

   Betrayal and Trust Issues                                School and Family Challenges

   Life Transitions                                                Self-Esteem and Self-Image Issues





                  Complex Trauma 

                                                                  Recurrent Trauma 

                                                                  Past Trauma